WATCH: ‘The King of Catwalk’ Sinon Loresca Gives Selling Ice Cream A Try

Sinon Loresca, more known as ‘The King of Catwalk’ for his amazing skill in walking in high heels, gave selling ice cream a try in a new clip that he posted on his Instagram account.

Wearing a yellow swimsuit, and, of course, high heels, the 28-year-old social media sensation walked the streets of Zambales with a styrofoam ice cream box complete with a bell that he rang as he shouted ice cream.

Watch the funny clip below:

Who want’s ICE CREAM ??? #islandlife #ZambalesCatwalk #kingofcatwalk

A post shared by ??The KING OF CATWALK (@sinonloresca) on

Posted only a day ago, Loresca’s video already got more than 130,000 views with over 800 comments.

Will you buy his ice cream? Let us know in the comments below!


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