WATCH: Steve Irwin’s Son is the Miniature Version of The Crocodile Hunter

We all loved Steve Irwin. Before Bear Grylls and all the other reality shows that included a badass host thrusted into the rawness of nature, there was The Crocodile Hunter. We were hooked on our screens watching him wrestle crocodiles not just for ratings but for his sheer love of the wild, and of course, educational purposes.

So when he passed away in a very unexpected accident, we were all crestfallen, having lost one of our real-life heroes. But now surfaces his son and successor, Robert Irwin, who by the way he speaks about animals, has the same fervor for the wild as his father. And it’s beautiful, like watching the reincarnation of Steve in his 13 year old son. Watch him below on The Jimmy Fallon Show.


Isn’t he just like his dad?


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