LOOK: This Sandbar at Pagadian Only Costs 600 Pesos

Nikki Dela Rea challenged us with the question, “Saan mararating ang 600 pesos niyo?” [How far will your 600 pesos go?] Apparently, she was able to head to a must-see sandbar in Pagadian, Zamboanga del Sur called Puting Balas Sandbar with her 600 pesos!

(Unfortunately, Nikki had to take down the video, so here are photos from her instead.)

Pagadian Sandbar 2

Pagadian Sandbar 1

According to her Facebook post, their group of five people was able to rent a boat for the price of 600 pesos and that came with a sidetrip to dao dao gamay and dao dao dako island (not seen in the video). The tricycle ride in Pagadian to get to the port cost 10 pesos per person and took around an hour plus half an hour more to each of the islands.

She shares that she just found out about this sandbar on the Internet and apparently, even the locals in Pagadian aren’t that familiar with it. “You’ll enjoy the place kasi hindi napupuntahan, so you have the place all to yourselves,” she says.

Have you been here before? Time to check it out, maybe? 🙂