WATCH: Pokémon Releases ASMR Videos to Help You Relax

Pokémon just got into the ASMR trend and we’re all here for it!

On YouTube, Pokémon uploaded two videos that will surely tingle your senses: one of a sleepy Charmander resting by a campfire, and one of a giddy Chespin munching on a plate of macarons. “This is [an] ASMR video for those who need a gentle Pokémon touch in everything!” the description reads for both videos.

For those who don’t know what ASMR (or autonomous sensory meridian response) is, it’s a term used to describe a sensation when they watch certain stimulating or satisfying videos or listen to sounds. People often associate it with the feeling of having “tingles” down the spine or feeling so deeply relaxed that it causes them to sleep.

Try putting on headphones and listening to these two videos below!

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How did you feel after watching the videos? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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