WATCH: Passengers Use Their Umbrellas Inside the MRT Because of the Leaking Ceiling

The whole point of getting on a piece of public transportation is to get to your destination safely… and hopefully in a dry state. Unfortunately, that is not what happened to this group of people who rode the MRT one weekday afternoon last week. As captured on video by Giselle Visitacion Tolosa, the ceiling was leaking so badly that the passengers actually had to open up their umbrellas inside the MRT to try and keep themselves dry from the leak. Watch the video here:

According to Giselle, the video was taken on August 7 between 3PM to 4PM along Boni to Guadalupe. However, it was the same scenario until they reached Taft Station. “The travel time was almost an hour because there were crew members constantly sweeping the wet floor at every station to control the amount of water,” she shares. This was the first (and hopefully the last) time that Giselle experienced this and she says there really needs to be more focus on maintenance, particularly in terms of the airconditioning, which was the reason of the leak in the ceiling in the first place.

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