WATCH: Paolo Contis Drinks LJ Reyes’ Breastmilk

Do you still remember the taste of breastmilk? Have you tried it as an adult? Well, Paolo Contis sure has.

In a video on Paolo’s Instagram account, we can hear LJ Reyes looking for the haakaa of her breastmilk pump, while Paolo says he hasn’t seen it, only to be seen seconds later taking a sip from it. Paolo then feigns surprise, claiming that he has been drinking the breastmilk for a week now. “Kaya pala ang lusog ko,” he quips. Watch the video here:

While some people claim that Paolo was merely joking and didn’t actually drink the milk but just pretended to sip it, LJ actually posted an Instagram story on her own Instagram account that same day with a picture of Paolo with her breastmilk and the caption, “Inubos niya talaga yan! Di ko kaya to!”

Either way, thanks for the laughs, guys!