WATCH: Palit Pera Gang Strikes Hotel

WATCH Palit Pera Gang Strikes Hotel

Thieves are becoming more creative in stealing. Sure, there are still hold-uppers who brazenly ask you for your money and belongings, but those who’d rather work discreetly are thinking of new ways to get your possessions without you knowing it. One such case is the Palit Pera Gang. This modus operandi may not be new, but establishments are still falling for this clever trick.

Basically, the Palit Pera Gang operates by paying for a product or service. Before getting their product or their change, they will claim to have a smaller bill. After the cashier returns the bill, the thief will stealthily hide it and claim that they got the wrong amount. For example, a thief will order something worth P45 and then pays with a P1,000 bill. While the staff counts his change, the thief will say he has a smaller bill and the staff will return the P1,000. Once returned, the thief will exchange the P1,000 to a P100 and claim that the staff only gave him P100. Most of the time, staff members will get confused, assume they did just give their customer the wrong bill, and get a new P1,000 without checking their cash register. It sounds confusing, but it’s been done before.

A new video is spreading on social media and shows a different variation. This time, the victim is a hotel along EDSA in Pasay City. The video shows two transwomen entering the hotel. They tried to book three rooms for 12 hours, which cost P3,000. One transwoman hands over P3,000. When they were asked to registered, the transwoman who paid changed her mind and said they would eat first. When the cashier returns the P3,000, the transwoman quickly stuffs it in her bag, and replaces it with P300. The cashier replaces it with another batch of P1,000 bills, and the transwomen walk out of the building.

Watch the full video below:


Video courtesy of the hotel


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