Palit Pera Gang: Establishments, Beware of This Modus Operandi!

Have you heard of the slow-mo palit peta gang? I’ve personally only ever heard of this Modus Operandi overseas with my dad telling me stories about how it was a big thing back in the day, especially after the book and the movie “The Grifters” came out.

How does it work? Well, here’s an example: a man orders something worth Php45 and then pays with a Php1,000 bill. While the staff counts his change, the man will say he has a smaller bill and the staff will return the Php1,000. However, once returned, the man will stealthily exchange the Php1,000 to a Php100 and claim that the staff only gave him Php100. Most of the time, staff members will get confused, assume they did just give their customer the wrong bill, and get a new Php1,000 without checking their cash register. Confusing? Here it is in action as submitted to us by an anonymous reader:

While this might not sound like a lot of money, just imagine how much these guys make by hitting several establishments every day. So, establishments, beware of this modus and always stay alert, no matter what. If you also have your own version, please don’t hesitate to share your stories with us.

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