WATCH: Moana’s How Far I’ll Go in Filipino is so Poetic

Disney Dubs posted on their YouTube page a Filipino version of Moana’s How Far I’ll Go.

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From their post, the Filipino version was sung by Kimmee Lao while the lyrics were by Amy Nayve and Regie NC C Leuterio.

Apparently, they are also working on another project, which is Beauty and the Beast. They gave a sneak peek on the video below as well.

They said on the post:

Please watch until the end 🙂 This is by far the most poetic translation our channel has ever come up with. We put in extra effort to make things rhyme, be on the right timing, and of course have a lot of water metaphors in it. We hope you like it! We hope you like the surprise at the end too!

For a little Filipino vocabulary help, they also shared the following:

Bingit – edge, near enough that you’re in danger of falling off
Laot – open ocean, beyond the reef where you can’t see the bottom
Nakatitig – staring
Sabik – can’t get enough of, eager about
Simoy – breeze
Magtampisaw – to play and splash in shallow water, usually only the legs are submerged
Landas – path
Inaakit – entice, tempt, seduce
(ma)batid – to comprehend, fathom
Kinagisnan – “kina” + “gising” (wake up) + “an”, what you knew when you became conscious, when you were a kid
Tungkulin – responsibilities, role
Nakatakda – assigned
Lagaslas – the sound of a fast-moving body of water
Magkahimig – same tune, in harmony
Lukso – leap
Tabsing – tide
Maluwalhati – glorious
Lupalop (ng mundo) – a “somewhere” in the world, also continent
Tugunan – answer
Saklaw – extent, all that comprises it, coverage
Abot-tanaw – “abot” (reach) + “tanaw” (sight), literally as far as the eye can see, horizon

Check out their YouTube channel for more Disney Dubs.

Have you seen Moana? What do you think? Feels?