WATCH: Matteo Guidicelli Finally Unboxes the Sony PlayStation 5

Matteo Guidicelli is once again taking on the “unboxing challenge” with his all-new Sony PlayStation 5 in his latest YouTube video.

If you can recall, Matteo went viral last June 2020 after he shared his first rather “unconventional” unboxing video of a PS4 Pro console where he tore the cardboard and pretty much handled the accessories and components roughly.

This time, you’d think he would redeem himself. But it seems that he decided to do the same thing he did in the first video all over again.

“I’m sure you guys are expecting this moment to come,” he began.

In a shocking turn of events, the Sony PS5 wasn’t handed to Matteo. Instead, it was tossed over for him to catch with his arms. He then tore the lid of the box open, dropped some of the items like the cord, the stand, and the controller on the grassy ground, and discarded the empty cardboard behind him. He even repeatedly let the PS5 console bounce on his table too! Don’t worry though; Matteo swears the table is shock-absorbant.

It should be noted that the video is simply a parody of his first notorious unboxing and that his haphazard handling of the items was intentional.

Within 5 hours of posting, the video has already accumulated 4.1K likes and 5.1K dislikes. Even Michael V. couldn’t help but react to it.

“Umm… never mind,” he wrote in the comments.

Watch the entire clip here:

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