WATCH: This Mall Shows Us What the ‘New Normal’ Might Look Like

In the world we currently live in, have you stopped to think about what things will be like when this is all over? Can you even still imagine a world where people hold hands in malls or laugh and live their lives the way they used to before COVID-19?

Siam Discovery, a mall in Bangkok, has recently posted a video welcoming people ‘to the new normal innovative lifestyle’ and showing what mall living might be like after the pandemic. In the caption, they say, “Siam Discovery is ready to welcome everyone’s ‘new normal’ way of living. Prepare to be happy in a safe and carefree way soon.”

In the video, we see people entering the mall where everyone is wearing face masks and face shields; where sanitization is done everywhere – for hands, face shields, bathrooms, and cards; where people pay with an app and look for what they need through an app; where people practice social distancing on elevators, on escalators, and in line for clothes; where temperatures are taken at every store; where people open doors with their feet; where ushers are in place to make sure people practice social distancing; where cleanliness and sanitization is prioritized above all with sanitizing gates, UVC robots, and airofog sprays. Watch the video here:

Would you be ready for this kind of lifestyle? Is this how you envision the future to look like? Share your sentiments with us!

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