WATCH: Lin-Manuel Miranda and Emily Blunt Enchants in New Numbers from ‘Mary Poppins Returns’

The original Mary Poppins closes as the audience learns she will always go where she is needed. Perhaps her return in this sequel means its the right time for her to enter into all of our lives once again. Young or old, this character has something to impart to each of us.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Before I can even gush about what looks to be a sequel that will be “practically perfect in every way”, let’s take a look at the snippets they’ve given us.

Two weeks ahead of its cinematic release, the film teased two songs from its soundtrack. Composed by Marc Shaiman with lyrics by Scott Witman, the chemistry of the two shine through the music. Having previously collaborated on both Smash and Hairspray, it’s safe to say we can only expect good things from the two.

The first of the songs, “The Place Where Lost Things Go”, is a slower tune sung by Emily Blunt. It’s a bittersweet song with hints of nostalgia. Because I don’t want to overthink anything before seeing the film, I’ll leave it at the speculation that we’ll be seeing different layers to the story this time around.

Disney’s second release is a more upbeat number with Lin-Manuel Miranda at the helm. “Trip A Little Light Fantastic” gives us a glimpse of Lin taking on that iconic cockney accent. It also lends hope for the same kind of lively and lasting numbers which the original film gave us.

I can’t wait to see these songs come to life on the big screen. What are you most excited for in ‘Mary Poppins Returns’? 


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