WATCH: Kesha Releases New Music Video ‘Learn to Let Go’

To be honest I’ve been quite invested in the whole #FreeKesha story since pop star Kesha filed a lawsuit against her music producer Dr. Luke three years ago. Kesha has accused her producer of harassing her, mentally, emotionally, and physically. According to her lawsuits, she’s been body-shamed, drugged, and sexually attacked.

Because the case has been on going since 2014, Kesha has been unable to produce new music because of her outstanding contract with Sony. And although her lawsuits against her reported attacker has since been dismissed due to insufficient evidence, the upside is Kesha has been allowed to produce new music under a new producer.

So our girl’s been back in the recording studio.

Earlier this month, Kesha finally released a new single after years of hiatus, and yet a new one just released again.

Girl is on fire! The new track is titled, ‘Learn to Let Go’ which might be a reflection of what the singer is currently going through.

Is she ready to move on now? We certainly hope she is.

Watch the music video for Learn to Let Go here:

Kesha’s third studio album, Rainbow, will be released on August 2017.

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