WATCH: KathNiel’s ‘The Hows Of Us’ Trailer Is Finally Here!

Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla have proven time and time again that the KathNiel love team is still here and is here to stay. After the success of their previous film, Can’t Help Falling in Love, the teen royalties are coming back to the big screen with another much-awaited flick.

Aside from being a comeback film for KathNiel, The Hows of Us is also Star Cinema’s way of celebrating their 25th year anniversary with their loyal fans.

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In this film directed by blockbuster director Cathy Garcia-Molina, it seems that the famous love team is stepping away from the light-hearted romance films that their fans have been accustomed to. The Hows of Us tells the story of a relationship’s reality when it has come to its end.

The recently released trailer gives us a glimpse of how heartbreaking this film just might be. Take a look:

In the teaser, we see the characters of Bernardo and Padilla lovingly talk about their relationship and their future plans together–building a family, being successful in their careers, and creating a home. But towards the end of the trailer, it seems that their plans have made a dark turn as they talk about being tired of their relationship.

Aside from the film’s stars being one of the biggest love teams in the industry, it’s also its relatable plot that makes it very highly anticipated.

The Hows of Us is set to premiere on August 29.

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