WATCH: John Legend Sings Gordon Ramsay’s Insults And It’s Actually Beautiful

If you’re a fan of international cooking shows, then you must be familiar with Gordon Ramsay—the chef and TV personality infamous for spewing out insults towards his contestants.

If you’re a fan of international music, then you must be familiar with John Legend—the Grammy Award-winning artist behind beautiful love songs such as ‘All of Me’ and the new version of ‘Beauty and The Beast’.

If you’re a fan of both, then this will brighten up your day.

The chef and the singer teamed up for a hilarious segment on the British late-night show, The Nightly Show.

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In this spoof, John Legend beautifully sings some of the most savage insults that Gordon Ramsay actually uttered on television.

Check out the hilarious video below:

You put so much ginger in this, it’s a Weasley!

I’ve got to warn you, though. John Legend didn’t shy away from singing what Gordon Ramsay actually said, which means that there’s definitely lots of profanity. So, just don’t watch it with your speakers way up.

This is just proof that John Legend can make anything sound beautiful. He could sing out the phone book and I’d still listen to it!

PS. That surprise guest at the end is a total added bonus.

What did you think about John Legend’s version of Gordon Ramsay’s best lines? Let us know in the comments below!