WATCH: If Sebastian From “The Little Mermaid” Was Pinoy, This is What He’d Sing About

Pinoys always love putting our own twists in international stuff.

If it’s famous around the world, then there’s probably something on the internet about a Pinoy version, or a parody involving our very own Filipino pop culture.

That’s just the way we roll.

While it’s easy to see recent trends being “Filipinized”, this video takes us back to 1989–back to the first premiere of the classic animated movie, The Little Mermaid.

In this video created by Facebook page Mary Grant The Filipina, she takes the catchy song from the film, “Under The Sea,” and turns it into a Pinoy version!

Take a look at this funny song below:

This Pinoy version of “Under The Sea” tackled some of the most uniquely Filipino things such as kare-kare, bagoong, and balut (duh!). Aside from this, it basically just tells people why we should all visit the Philippines once in our lifetimes.

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Netizens enjoyed the song, saying that it was so accurate and it made them proud to be Pinoy even more.

What did you think of this version of Under The Sea?

Do you have your own version? Share it with us!