Watch how Dwyane Wade responds to one heckling Celtics fan


(Photo from NBAcom’s Twitter account)

The Boston Celtics beat the Chicago Bulls two days ago by a large margin, 100-80, on their home floor.

But even if Chicago lost badly, NBA champion and Bull star Dwyane Wade had a little bit of fun with one heckling Celtics fan.

In a video submitted to BleacherReport’s House of Highlights, the heckler, who was sitting behind the Bulls’ bench, shouted at Wade: “Bradley’s got your number!”

The Celtics fan was referring to Avery Bradley, who played great defense on Wade — limiting him to only eight points on 4-of-11 shooting.

In response to the heckling fan, Wade turns around and says, “What’s my number, three? That’s how many rings I got,” while holding three fingers up.

The response was similar to what Kobe did when he was trash-talked by a Mavericks fan back in 2014.

Who’s response was better, Wade’s or Kobe’s?