WATCH: Hilarious Trailer for ‘How to Be a Latin Lover’

How does one become a Latin lover? Let me count the ways. Or, you know, just watch this movie and you’ll perhaps learn a thing or two.

Hollywood lovelies Salma Hayek and Kristen Bell, together with Eugenio Derbez and Rob Lowe, star in a comedy that teaches all about how to “work with what you have”. Do you agree with this?

The story follows the life of Maximo, played by Eugenio Derbez, who managed to snag a wealthy woman twice his age when he was in his prime using, of course, his ~charisma~. Twenty-five years later he is still with the same woman, living a ridiculously lavish life with her, until one day he comes home and there’s someone new. Someone much, much younger than he is.

Left with no house, no wealth, and just a broken heart, Eugenio is forced to move with his sister (Salma Hayek), and the adventure of fitting into this new life thus begins.

Watch the seriously funny trailer here:

How to Be a Latin Lover hits the cinemas on April 2017.

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