WATCH: Heated Argument Between UP Graduate and Mall Employee Goes Viral

Right vs. Wrong Shouting Match Between UP Graduate and Mall Employee Goes Viral


When it comes to the service industry, one of the most common lines is “the customer is always right.” It has become both a blessing and a curse. A blessing because those in the industry do make mistakes and must be accountable for them, and a curse if it was actually the customer’s fault. Sometimes, it’s hard to judge who’s right or wrong, especially if you’re not part of the issue. 

Take for example this video, which is spreading online. It shows a heated argument between a mall customer and an employee. It’s not clear what the argument is about, but the exchange got so intense that the customer started shouting, asking where the employee graduated. He then bragged that he’s from the University of the Philippines Diliman, and repeatedly asked the employee where he graduated.

Based on the short video making the rounds on social media, the customer is complaining that the employee was incompetent at his job. At one point, he mentioned that he was embarrassed that the employee fought back during an earlier altercation.

The argument became heated when the customer started pointing his finger at the employee, who replied: “Sir, huwag niyo akong duruin. Hindi ako pinag-aral ng mommy ko para bastusin ng isang tulad mo.” (“Sir, please don’t point your finger at me. My mom didn’t send me to school just so I can be insulted by someone like you.”)

That’s when the customer raised the topic of the alma mater.

Later on, the video was cut and it was not revealed what really happened or how it was resolved.

Watch the video below:



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