WATCH: Everything Beautiful About Sagada in One Video

I watch travel videos practically everyday, but I particularly love Nino Rex’s travel videos. (Watch his video at Mt. Kufafey and Mt. Fato here.) For some reason, whenever I watch his travel videos, I really feel that urge to find out how to get where he has been and go there myself.

In this travel video of his, he travels to Sagada and in it, you can see everything beautiful about the place. In Nino’s video, you can see that Sagada has it all: old churches, interesting bridges, high mountains, stunning views, majestic waterfalls, hiking places, friendly locals – you basically get to enjoy nature at its finest, plus so much more!

It’s a travel-loving person’s paradise! People who love adventure will also enjoy the many activities available in Sagada. From the looks of it, you definitely won’t run out of things to do there and you are sure to find somthing that you love. Watch Nino’s video if you aren’t convinced yet:

Aren’t those drone shots just absolutely stunning? Share your travel videos with us, too! We’d love to see them!

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