WATCH: Mt. Kufafey and Mt. Fato – Get Lost in the Beauty of Nature

Escaping the city is probably the main reason why I long to travel so much. Well, that is the exact same reason why Nino Rex went on a trip to Mt. Kufafey and Mt. Fato: because it’s your little escape to the beauty of Banaue and Bontocs Rice Terraces. According to Nino, you can enjoy the cold weather, while catching up with friends; and, if your friends love to hike, you can reach the mountain’s summit in about an hour.

Nino shares more about their trip. “On the way to Bontoc, you can stop over Banaue to see the Batad rice terraces. If you arrive early, you can even enjoy the sunrise while looking at a marvel.” Nino says that the travel time can take roughly 4 hrs. If you’re coming from Manila, you can leave Manila on a Friday night at 8pm and arrive at the Banaue rice terraces in time to enjoy the view with a beautiful sunrise.

He also suggests enjoying the sunset at Mt. Fato and staying there to look at the stars. When trekking to Mt. Kupapey, on the other hand, it’ss best to start as early as 3am when the stars are very visible. Doing so will also allow you to enjoy the sunrise from the summit. “The view from Mt. Kupapey is spectacular,” he gushes. “The Maligcong rice terraces are a sight to behold.

Check out their travel video here:

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