WATCH: Convicted Robber Has a Music Video Shot Inside Bilibid

Convicted Robber Has a Music Video Shot Inside Bilibid 

Convicted Robber Has a Music Video Shot Inside Bilibid


Convicted robber by day, platinum and gold record holder by night. That’s the case for Herbert Colanggo, one of the robbery gang leaders whose cells at the New Bilibid Prison were raided by authorities. To the shock of the nation, it was found that their jail cells were better than many households in the Philippines. Colanggo’s cell has an air-conditioned and carpeted second floor, while others had hot tubs, illegal drugs, and millions of pesos.

But the most interesting thing found in the raid was Colanggo’s music video of “Kinabukasan,” which was shot in a recording studio… in NBP’s maximum security compound. And get this, it’s uploaded on his YouTube account. Just this September, he tied with Richard Yap as the New Male Recording Artist of the Year at the Star Awards for Music.

“Kinabukasan” is part of his album of the same name, released by Ivory Records this March. After a month, the album received gold and platinum records, which Colanggo received during a charity concert inside the prison.

According to him, he turned to music when he realized that he can be productive even while still in prison. He hopes to serve as an inspiration to his fellow inmates that they can still contribute even if they are in jail.


Convicted Robber Has a Music Video Shot Inside Bilibid 2

Believe it or not, but a Facebook page called “Bilibid Atin Ito” has been documenting Colanggo’s luxurious lifestyle since 2013. According to the page, this is Colanggo’s jail cell (dated 6, 2013)


As for the luxurious items found in his cell, he said that the expensive watches are donations, and that the officials of the Bureau of Corrections are aware of them.

Colanggo was convicted in 2009, and is serving a 12-14 year sentence. Let’s face it. This guy has a better music career than many newbie musicians.

Watch the music video of “Kinabukasan” below:



And the music video of another single, “Akala Mo Lang Yon”:



And him performing “Pusong Bato” live:



And with this, jokes have come out on how fun it really is to live in the Philippines! #itsmorefuninthephilippines


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Convicted Robber Has a Music Video Shot Inside Bilibid

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