WATCH: Bretman Rock, Mia Khalifa, and More Star in Bella Poarch’s Debut Single MV

Bella Poarch just released her very first single “Build a B*tch” on her YouTube channel!

For those who do not know her, Poarch holds the record for the most-liked TikTok video. As of writing, it now has 49 million likes. The Filipino-American became a viral sensation by simply bopping her head to the snippet of the song “M to the B” by Millie B on the platform.


To the 🐝 🐝 🐝 #fyp

♬ M to the B – Millie B

Aside from herself, various internet personalities and artists also took part in her new song’s music video. They are Valkyrae, Mia Khalifa, Dina, Larray, ZHC, Rakhim Bretman Rock, and Sub Urban.

In “Build a B*tch,” Poarch calls out boys who expect women to be perfectly designed to their liking. When asked about the inspiration of the song in a podcast appearance, the TikTok star recalled her childhood dream–to be a singer/artist. However, she used to be bullied because of her looks.

Poarch wanted to help people be more confident in themselves. She wanted her first song to be meaningful.

Listen to the full podcast below:

The theme is elaborated in the music video which begins with men lining up in front of “Match Made,” a store that lets them design their “own woman”. Then, the camera pans down to its factory where Poarch appears as a floating head.

Watch the official music video of “Build a B*tch” by Bella Poarch below:

This is currently the number 1 trending video on YouTube Philippines with more than 10 million views (as of writing) in less than 24 hours.

Poarch is grateful for all the support that she has received and thanked her followers in a tweet.

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