WATCH: “Boastful and Arrogant” Motorist Badmouths Traffic Police

Clark Freeport is known as one of the disciplined areas in Pampanga. Residents and motorists practice road courtesy and the traffic rules and regulations have similiarities with the ones in the United States (US).

Sure, we’ve already seen numerous videos about officers and traffic violators get into an altercation, but this video, which was uploaded by security guard, Jake Batan, showed a different scenario. The officer, identified as Robert I. Lagman Jr., a Clark Development Corporation (CDC) traffic accident investigator and police on duty, kept his composure against a “boastful and arrogant” violator.

According to the official statement released by CDC, the violator’s name is Thomas Jason Cooley, a 19-year old Filipino-American and resident of Angeles City. As mentioned in the statement, he was reported by a security guard drifting at a tennis court inside the Freeport zone. He was then apprehended and issued with multiple traffic violations such as reckless driving and driving under the influence of liquor, illegal drifting and for showing arrogance.

Watch how calm Lagman was while being badmouthed by the youngster:

Disclaimer: Viewer discretion due to foul language.


On the lighter side, Lagman earned respect and commendation from netizens. He testified that the Freeport zone is indeed a disciplined and strict area.



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Good on you, Sir Robert Lagman Jr.! Keep calm and stay professional.

How about you? Have you encountered a calm and professional police officer, too? Share your experience in the comment section below.