10 Metro Manila Traffic Hacks To Get You Out of Trouble

It’s tough being a driver on the road these days, especially when you’re traversing the chaotic streets of Manila. It’s a different challenge altogether just trying to stay safe from the vehicles that will seemingly come at you out of nowhere, as it is trying to stay safe from those who can take advantage of this tough environment. We scoured the interwebs, as well the MMDA website itself to come up with a list to help you get out of trouble, the next time you find yourself in a sticky situation on the road. See them below:

10 Traffic Hacks To Get You Out of Trouble

10 Traffic Hacks To Get You Out of Trouble

10. MMDA enforcers are not allowed two work in groups of two.

10 Traffic Hacks To Get You Out of Trouble

This is important, especially when a group of enforcers approach a motorist. The traffic enforcers are not permitted to work in groups, except for special operations such as apprehending colorum buses. Otherwise, only one traffic enforcer should be doing the apprehending.

9. Swerving, or changing lanes, is NOT a traffic violation.

10 Traffic Hacks To Get You Out of Trouble SwervingPhoto Credit: tedm.blogspot.com

 It can become a reckless driving offense, however, if done without precaution, according to the MMDA Facebook page. This means swerving in an abrupt manner, swerving while on solid lines, or not using hand signals. You may also constitute a “disregard of traffic signs” offense if you swerved at an area that explicitly prohibits swerving. According to the MMDA Facebook page, your driver’s license also cannot be confiscated by a traffic enforcer, except on a number of situations, a few of which are:

– The driver was involved in a traffic accident
– The driver has accumulated three (3) or more unsettled violations
– Illegal or unauthorized counter-flow

If the license must be confiscated, the traffic enforcer should inform you of the reason behind the confiscation, and the ticket validity.

8. Private vehicles are not allowed to use the yellow lanes in EDSA.

The only time they can use the yellow lanes is when they are about to turn, provided that they started shifting lanes using the transition lanes some 50 meters away from an intersection. The yellow lanes are provided for city buses, while provincial buses must use the third lane.

7. Traffic enforcers are prohibited from asking drivers to step out of their vehicles during apprehension for a violation.

10 Traffic Hacks To Get You Out of Trouble 4

Incredibly important to remember, as several modus operandis ask drivers to get out of their cars. When an officer asks you to step out of your car, don’t.

6. Traffic enforcers must not ask or receive bribe money.

10 Traffic Hacks To Get You Out of Trouble bribery

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This one really needs no explanations. No payment or fine whatsoever is coursed through an apprehending enforcer.

5. When your license is validly confiscated, note that refusal to surrender your driver’s license can result in the detachment of your plate.

10 Traffic Hacks To Get You Out of Trouble no license plate

There is an entire list of violations that warrant confiscation of one’s license on the MMDA website.

4. Apprehended drivers can ask for the traffic enforcer’s mission order from the MMDA Central Admin Office.

You may do this in order to ensure that the traffic enforcer who apprehended you was really on patrol in the area you were in that day. The mission order should include his time of duty, assigned area, and whether he is authorized to issue tickets.

3. Traffic enforcers must issue a traffic violation receipt (TVR) while in complete uniform and wearing visible nameplates.

10 Traffic Hacks To Get You Out of Trouble mmda
The MMDA officer should also flag down an erring motorist without any delay or arguments on the road, as to avoid traffic congestion.

2. When apprehended or flagged down, a motorist can present the following IDs: plastic card ID, temporary driver’s license, temporary operator’s permit, international driver’s license, and foreign license.

1. Know the MMDA hotlines and contact details to report shady officers.

MMDA Twitter screenshot

The MMDA hotline is 136, or contact through Metrobase at 0917-527-7304. Those who wish to file complaints against malpractices of enforcers may do so at metrosolusyon.mmda.gov.ph. The MMDA also has a Twitter account and Facebook page.

Have you had any bad or memorable experiences while on the road? Share them with us in the comments!


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