WATCH: Beautiful Transformation Of A Rescued Dog

“Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.”, as Karen Davidson once said.

Here’s a beautiful transformation of a rescued dog that will inspire us all to help a furry friend in need.

(Video  uploaded by Philippine Pet Lovers Society Page)

Unloved and neglected by his first owners, Hachi became very thin and infested with Domodectic Mange. One day, a good-hearted person named Wenna David saw him and decided to help him. The next day, Wenna went back and fed him, until feeding Hachi became a daily routine. On weekends, Wenna took her outside for walks.

Fortunately, an animal welfare group sponsored Hachi’s veterinary expenses and medication. The clinic also gave him free vaccination. Because of everyone’s help, he gained weight and was nursed back to health. Wenna fostered the dog, until a loving family willingly adopted him and welcomed him to their home.

Thanks to everyone, Hachi is now healthy, loved and happy.

Hope we can all consider pet adoption, instead of simply buying pets in shops.

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