WATCH: “Annabelle 2” Teaser Trailer is Here!

David Sandberg revealed this teaser photo to the world of horror a few days ago. The director is set to make the sequel for the film about the infamous doll, Annabelle, who first appeared in 2013’s The Conjuring and then in 2014 for its own spin-off film, Annabelle.

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Following up to this freaky photo, David Sandberg also revealed the teaser to the trailer for Annabelle 2!

The trailer gives us a first look at Miranda Otto’s character with a bit of an origin story for Annabelle. No word yet on when the official trailer will be coming out, but this teaser is one that could scare us as the first movie did! The movie will be starred by Miranda Otto and Anthony LaPaglia, to play the doll maker and his wife.


Directed by David Sandberg, produced by The Conjuring films Peter Safran and James Wan, and written by Gary Dauberman who also wrote the original thriller, Annabelle, we expect much that this installment can outdo both The Conjuring and Annabelle. Or could it?

You be the judge. Here, below, is the teaser trailer to Annabelle 2. Watch:


Since no schedule when the official trailer is set to come out yet, hope this teaser gets your horror fix tingled! Can’t wait for the trailer! 😀 Annabelle 2 will be in theaters May 2017.

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