WATCH: 90s Pop Culture Summarized in One Awesome Music Video

Any 90s kid would tell you: the 90s was a glorious, glorious time.

From the Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, Nintendo video games, walkmans, Easy Bake Ovens, and Lisa Frank items, the 90s was undeniably a colorful decade where many of the things we enjoy now had sprung from (although in a much olden state, of course).

Which is why the two grown men in this music video was caught in quite a surprise when a kid, upon discovering a walkman, asked them: “What is this?” Their response: “Seriously?”

Cos I mean, seriously.

An education about millennials’ childhood days seemed to be in order, which is why American actor and director Ben Giroux produced this quite honestly amazing music video. Titled “Back to the 90s”, the music video features everything nostalgic. Or as he had put it, “your entire childhood in under five minutes.”

Watch the video below:

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