WATCH: A 17-Year-Old Filipino Builds a Life-Sized Star Wars BB-8 Droid

When I first watched Star Wars: The Force Awakens, my first reaction was: I NEED A BB-8 IN MY LIFE!!! Of course, that wasn’t exactly possible. And although there are BB-8 toys in the market, they’re so small, they don’t feel like a real BB-8 (if that makes sense).

And then… and then… this happened: Angelo Casimiro, a 17-year old Physics student at De La Salle University, actually built a life-sized Star Wars BB-8 droid! (YOU ARE MY HERO!) The droid can even talk and be controlled by smartphones.

Plus, it’s cheaper than the more expensive BB-8 toys out there. I’m in love!!!

Would you try your hand at making your own BB-8? Definitely let me know if you do, please!!!