Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway Pull a Steve Harvey Moment at the 2017 Oscars

I said this on Twitter and I’ll say it again: The Oscars to me is what Miss Universe is to my gay friends. It is the highlight of my year, and I take it very seriously. So, when Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway pulled a Steve Harvey, I didn’t find it funny at all.

Basically, here’s what happened: Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway announced that ‘La La Land’ had won Best Picture when, in fact, it should have been ‘Moonlight’. Yes, it was Miss Universe 2015 all over again. You can watch a painful part of it here:

Why am I so bothered by this? Well, for starters, I loved ‘La La Land’ and I was rooting for the movie because I like rooting for the underdog sometimes and sooooo many people on my Timeline were hating on the movie before Oscars night. “If they win,” I thought, “they’ll prove that anything is possible.” I knew it was a long shot, especially with ‘Moonlight’ in the running. But then, after some hesitation from Warren, Faye announced that ‘La La Land’ had, in fact, won Best Picture. I screamed for joy so loudly, my dog jumped and ran into the next room. I immediately wrote a post to all the ‘La La Land’ haters on my feed.

And then, a few minutes later, it happened. They announced that they had opened the wrong envelope and announced the wrong winner, they said. There was a mistake, they said. ‘La La Land’ DIDN’T win, they said. And all this happened while the ‘La La Land’ crew was talking about believing in your dreams. How depressing is that?

It’s even more depressing if you factor in the fact that ‘La La Land’ ends with a montage of things that could have happened in an alternate reality. These guys actually lived their ‘what could have been’ moment for a few minutes. It hurts even more because after ‘Moonlight’ director Barry Jenkins gets on stage, he opens his speech with, “Even in my dreams, this could not be true. But to hell with dreams! This is true!” Way to rub salt into the wound, man.

I think the biggest question right now, though, is: was this done on purpose? Were they trying to be funny? Or did they really just mistakenly commit the same boo-boo that Steve Harvey committed in 2015? What do you think happened? Share your thoughts with us!

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