Want to Open a Start-Up? 3 Great Tips to Get Your Business Going

The business world is changing rapidly. It is now more competitive. Businesses are moving fast and branching out to grow and stay ahead of the game by targeting a more global market. As a start-up, going local for your business is simply not enough. You need to go global. But of course, as a newly established business, increased productivity and money-saving ways are also very important to succeed. So with this in mind, how can your start-up become successful in the world of international business without depleting your resources?

Industry expert vOffice Philippines weighs in on this and, here, shares with you three important things to keep in mind when establishing your start-up.

Want to Open a Start-Up? 3 Great Tips to Get Your Business Going

3. Setting up your virtual office

Getting in the game of international business and being successful at it will require you to have global presence. That means having to consistently be in different time zones to meet your business goals and objectives. Virtual offices give you that without the heavy costs of operating physical offices, allowing you to put more of your money where it really matters.

With a virtual office, you can have your office in Hong Kong today, Manila tomorrow, Australia next week, and perhaps London next month. And the best part? They are extremely cheap. In vOffice Philippines, for example, you can get this global presence for just about 100 USD (Php 4,500) a month.

Virtual offices allow you the flexibility and freedom to grow. No matter where in the world you are, there is space for you to meet your clients, send your emails, source your suppliers, and grow partnerships.

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2. Utilizing technology

Technology is everywhere and accessible to almost everyone these days. Take advantage of that. Improve your operations and communications through this. As a start-up, funding may be limited, but resources need not be. Increase your sales by staying connected with your customers from all across the globe at all hours. Manage your team from anywhere in the world. Thanks to technology, all these are possible.

Virtual offices like vOffice Philippines are fully equipped with technology to aid your immediate communication needs. Can’t make it out to London to meet your suppliers because you’re at an investors meeting in Malaysia? No problem. Utilizing technology will allow you to teleconference your way to London to ensure your deadlines are met. A client from Manila is trying to reach you? Not to worry. Calls can be forwarded to your mobile or office no matter where in the world you are. Need to send an urgent email? Readily available wireless internet is at your service.

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1. Engage in communities and develop good partnerships

The success of your business relies on the number of sales it makes, but on a global scale, your success also relies on your ability to secure a strong global network and partners. Tapping these networks individually and knocking on their doors one by one is one way of getting your foot in the door, but it’s a slow and tedious process. If you’re going to stay on top and get ahead of the game, you need to move faster and cover as much ground as possible.

Virtual Offices allow you to do just that. Utilizing the services of a virtual office opens you to a global network that allows you to create new business opportunities all around the globe, everyday. A virtual office like vOffice Philippines also hosts several other businesses. By being a part of this virtual office community, you will meet various professionals of different backgrounds and industries allowing you potential growth. And, as a starting business, that’s what you want. That’s what you need to be a key player on a global scale.

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