Wanderskye Infinity Bags: Rain or Shine Foldable Bag Cover

The rainy season is coming to its peak and it is best to be always prepared! Aside from bringing my trusty umbrella while on the go, I make sure I have a Wanderskye Infinity Bag with me all the time.

WANDERSKYE is a proudly Filipino brand founded by Mikel Larrañaga and Bianca Sevilla. With their belief that life is a collection of experiences, they have created fashionable, fun, unique, and practical travel accessories while promoting Filipino talent to each and every product they offer.

From rain-proof backpack and waterproof luggage covers, to 2-in-1 luggage belts and inflatable neck pillows with a blanket, Wanderskye has leveled up and has just added the Infinity Bag to their collection.


The Infinity Bag is a rain or shine bag, bag cover, and more. It can be used to protect handbags from dust, scratches and, well, the rain.


It can be used as a storage pouch for designer bags, or even act as a simple tote when going to the mall and shopping. It is easy to use, spacious, and handy!


It is also very light and compact when folded to its pocket. I can totally bring it anywhere without the hassle of extra weight!


What I love most about it is that it is REALLY durable and waterproof! I tried running water on it, and nothing, not a single drop was absorbed by its fabric!


With this Infinity bag, I am very sure that my things will always be “rain-free.” 🙂


Using the Infinity bag is also as easy as keeping it. The designs are cute and fun too!


I obviously fell in love with Wanderskye’s Infinity bag! As long as I have my Wanderskye Infinity bag with me, the rainy season will not scare me!

Wanderskye_Infinity_Bag_10Me and my trusty Wanderskye infinity bag 🙂


Wanderskye Infinity Bags are made by Filipino Artists.

You may visit them at their newly opened kiosk at SM Megamall, 4/L, Mega Fashion Hall, 2/L MOA Main Building, and at partner retail and webstores.


Instagram: @wanderskye
Facebook: www.facebook.com/wanderskye

Credits to Seleena Kaw for helping out.