Wanakanimaki’s Sushi Bake: You Won’t Stop Scooping and Munching

Sushi bake has been everywhere lately. While it’s easy to find sellers now, not all of the viral sushi creations are created equal. One of the shops that stood out for me personally is Wanakanimaki.

Aside from its quirky and catchy name (which hails from the nickname of one of the owners + kani maki, the main ingredient of this treat), I like that it comes in a size that’s just right for 1-2 persons (500g). It’s perfect, especially if you feel like a big platter is too much for you or you want to order some to take to the office. It also comes with a cute wooden spoon, so you can start eating it immediately.

Wanakanimaki started out by baking for their families and also to satisfy their food cravings during the earlier quarantine period, which explains why the ingredients laid out on the tray are generous. They make it how they would like to eat it if they were the customers. Upon opening the tray, it was a delight to see its mouthwatering colors that are deliciously presented.

Their sushi bake version is composed of Japanese premium ingredients: Japanese rice, crabsticks, and Kewpie Japanese mayonnaise topped with roasted sesame seeds, their very own mango sushi sauce, special mayo, and Masago roe. These ingredients blend in their flavors together from the first bite to the last and you’ll end up wanting more trays of it.

Wanakanimaki, Php500

Upon first bite, you’ll notice that there’s a lot going on inside your mouth, but it’s actually really light. What you’ll definitely love is its creamy and cheesy goodness. Enveloping it in sheets of seaweed makes it even more addicting and irresistible.

According to the instructions on the cover, it’s best eaten warm and it’s true! They also have Sriracha Wanakanimaki (Php530) if you want a spicier version.

Wanakanimaki is perfect for those who haven’t tried this trending food yet because once you try it, it will surely make sushi bake your favorite food of the year. Out of all of the sushi bakes I’ve tried, I didn’t expect this mighty comforting snack to make me scoop and munch non-stop. I’m happy it made its way to my doorstep!

If you want to try it yourself, just send them a message on Instagram to order. Stay tuned for their promos, as well. They will be launching another exciting flavor very soon!



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