WACTH: This Instrumental Harry Potter Medley is Pure Magic and We’re Crying

Harry Potter recently turned 20, and the whole world is celebrating. The very first Harry Potter book, Sorcerer’s Stone, was published in June 26, 1997. The day the world was blessed with such magic.

Even Facebook is celebrating. Last weekend, all Harry Potter texts and mentions of the four Hogwarts houses within Facebook would turn into active buttons, that when clicked would launch a flurry of magic on to people’s screens.

The magic will always live in us (we’re huge Potterheads here at WIM), but to commemorate the magic even more for its 20th birthday, here’s an amazing, amazing instrumental Harry Potter medley we found online. It’s by the YouTube channel sleightlymusical, and it’s anything but slightly magical.

Seriously. Violins, piano, and cellos aside, the whole production’s dramatic lighting and special effects will make the hair on your arms stand. Ready? Hit play:

Happy Birthday, Harry Potter. Thank you for the magic.

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