WATCH: This Beauty and the Beast Medley Will Pull at Your Heartstrings

Albert Chang of the YouTube channel sleightlymusical is known on the internet for producing not only incredible musical pieces, but with fully designed music videos to boot. They’re not just recordings in the studio unlike what we usually see online; it’s the whole charade, costumes, set designs, and all!

I’ve come across his work through this Beauty and the Beast piano and violin medley he created, and absolutely fell in love with it.

I loved everything about the movie that came out last March starring Emma Watson, and reliving the songs in the film just makes the magic come alive again.

Collaborating with some of his talented friends, including Lily Pichu on piano, Albert Chang wrote in together with his uploaded video:

I know many of you requested a cover of “Beauty and the Beast,” especially since the live action movie came out recently, so finally, here ya go! Between location scouting, arranging the music, contacting friends to collaborate with, choreographing the camera moves, and editing the video/audio, I spent almost a month working on this video. Now that it’s done, I hope you’ll be our guest, sit back, and enjoy our performance! 🙂

Watch the performance here:

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