WATCH: Emma Watson Learns the Downside of Technology in the New Trailer of ‘The Circle’

Mae Holland, played by Emma Watson, is a young, passionate woman dedicated to her work. When she got in the massive tech company called The Circle, run by a millionaire named Eamon Bailey, played by Tom Hanks, she quickly catches the attention of her colleagues and her new boss. This leads her to be invited to participate in the company’s new program, an experiment that gives The Circle (and, ultimately, the public) a peek into everything she does.

Seen in a larger picture, it seems the story is a reflection into the digital world we now live in. Internet, gadgets, and social media that seem to now run people’s lives. We live and breathe through our screens. Everything is documented online.

Is The Circle meaning to show us the downside of the technology we have allowed to take over our lives? The film’s second trailer seems to show us exactly that.

The film is an adaptation from the best-selling novel, The Circle, written by Dave Eggers. Watch The Circle’s first trailer here.

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