WATCH: Emma Watson Stars with Tom Hanks in New Movie “The Circle”

Our girl Emma Watson is everywhere these days, and we love it.

She’s been keeping herself busy with finishing filming for Disney’s live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast where she stars as Belle, and that’s on top of her work as United Nations Women Ambassador, and curator of feminist book club, Our Shared Shelf. And now, add to the resume starring in a tech film with award-winning veteran actor, Tom Hanks.

Emma and Tom star together in a film adaptation of The Circle, a science-fiction drama novel by author Dave Eggers. The story follows a young woman who lands a job at a powerful tech company called The Circle, who is owned by a “mysterious man”, played by Tom Hanks.

Watch the intriguing trailer here:

Have you read the book? What are your expectations for the film? Think it will be good? Share your thoughts in the comments!