PAL’s viral voice actress now has a podcast to help you catch some z’s

Remember the mother-daughter duo who went viral for their amazing PAL voiceover video? Inka Magnaye, 1/2 of that duo, recently launched a podcast to “ease your worries [and] give you a safe space where you don’t have to think about anything for just a little bit.”

(Do they sound familiar? This woman and her mother were the voices you heard onboard a flight!)

Called Sleeping Pill with Inka, it aims to help those of us having trouble falling asleep to get the rest we need. It is the first ASMR meditation podcast from the Philippines and it features Inka’s soothing voice as she reads stories and poems aloud.

“This all started because reading poetry out loud became my own therapy,” Inka explains. “It helped me so much, I thought, “Why not upload it online?” I thought that maybe other people who needed it might find solace in something that could help put them into a deep, comfortable sleep.”

Sleeping Pill with Inka is made possible by Cut Print Podcast. It currently has 2 episodes up and has already been topping Spotify’s podcast charts. You can listen to it here.

What do you think about this?

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