Do they sound familiar? This woman and her mother were the voices you heard onboard a flight!

Ever wonder who exactly is speaking to you when you board a Philippine Airlines flight? I’ve personally always been curious by the transitory people in my life, whether it’s the unseen conductor on the train or the person making announcements whenever I’m about to be flung into the air. It’s cool enough to finally know the person behind the iconic mabuhay! but to find out that she’s the daughter of the very same iconic mabuhay! back in the 90s? Absolutely mind-bending.

Inka Magnaye, the current woman behind the voiceover on PAL flights, shared a sweet and incredible mother’s day video of her reciting her PAL voiceover lines with her mother following suit. Not gonna lie, I thought it was an audio overlay at first because of how perfect it sounded, but when the exchange kept happening, I was just stunned. They sound amazing!

Watch (and listen!) the the video here:


Apparently, when Inka got the job, they picked her sample in a blind audition and were totally surprise to find out she was the daughter of their voice talent back then! Amazing.

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