VJManila: Reinvent Your Closet Your Own Way

Have you ever worn something you thought was unique and then run into someone wearing the exact same thing? Want to reinvent your closet into something that completely shouts your personality? VJManila is for you!


Starting off as a shop that wanted to express love for varsity jackets, VJManila branched out to help provide the ultimate clothing experience. They encourage their customers to design with them and help them tweak their pieces based on their individual tastes. If you’re not on the creative side, just give them a pitch and they will make it happen for you! Plus, you can choose from a variety of fabrics, materials and colours, as well as styles and sizes.

My experience with them was amazing due to the fact that they are prompt and will inform you ASAP if they can’t commit to a certain part of the design or colour of the fabric. This is because they fully believe that any changes and/or decisions should be fully up to you. Your clothes, your rules!


They have also collaborated with various universities and sports teams in the past who can testify to their quality service and products. Also, aside from being affordable with their pieces only ranging from Php200 to Php1000, they also don’t mind whether you get an individual piece or get them in bulk–VJManila will help you achieve your dream closet, no matter what.

So, whether it’s casual wear or sportswear, or whether it’s for the heat or the cold, you can make your clothes your own with VJManila.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VJMNL

Instagram: @vjmanila_official

Mobile: +63 916 854 2581 ; +63 925 871 7303

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