Visualize & Manifest: Tips on How to Make Your Dreams Come True

I’d like to share with you a little secret of mine which I started practicing in 2011. My friends know me as a fervent believer of The Secret and yes I really am. My life turned around since I read the book and up to this day, the universe never ceases to send abundance and miracles regularly to me and my circle.  With this, I’d like to share with you some tips on how to effectively do it, plus a real tale of an unbelievable manifestation which happened last year, to prove  how effective it is when done correctly!


Having an attitude of gratitude goes a long way. Since we started this, it has worked wonders for us. Years ago, I felt my life was empty and lacked a lot of things because I found out I was focusing on the negatives instead of what I had. I always felt hopeless, always grumpy, felt sooo ugly, overweight and frequently sick.  When I started shifting my attention to the “good stuff” and started “expecting” great things to come, blessings suddenly came! I also attracted more positive people in my life and my health greatly improved!

For you to start reaping the blessings of the universe, start with this “attitude of gratitude.” No matter how bad your situation or mood is, there is ALWAYS something to be thankful for. Always say “thank you” whenever you have the opportunity! Whisper it in the air.. send out that energy to the universe!




the morning we started dreaming..

One morning in November of 2011 while Frank and I were having breakfast during our 1st official travel feature for in Corregidor, we started talking about how fun it was to travel. We were travel newbies that time. We were never serious about anything whenever we go somewhere, we just enjoy each other’s company and have loads of fun. While we were talking, we discussed how great it would be to travel more so we could take more and more photos for the love of it. We started mentioning the places we dreamed of visiting. I told him how much I dreamed of going to Palawan. It was a long time frustration of mine when I failed to travel with my then boyfriend because I didn’t have the means to travel. I even asked him (Frank) to book the cheapest flights on the next Cebu Pacific promo. I didn’t mind getting the most affordable flight, hotel and tour. As long as I could go there, it would be a dream come true. =)

When I got back to Manila, I searched Palawan on google and found these photos….




I posted it on my fb wall and started visualizing that I will be there someday. It was a joy to visualize it! Whenever I looked at it, I felt as if I was there, entering our cottage. I felt how the air blew gently as well as the music of the breeze. In spirit, I knew I was there and I said to myself that one day, I will also get to take a photo of this using our own cameras….


…. 2 days after our Corregidor trip, I received a call from Vince, my editor in chief around the afternoon and his 1st sentence was, ” Hey Mae! You guys wanna go to Palawan?”  … my world literally stopped! #momentfrozen Then his next sentence was, “You know Apulit Island? It’s one of the islands in El Nido and they’re inviting WheninManila to feature it! Everything will be covered and it’s for 3days 2 nights and I want you guys to go!”  It was a jaw-dropping moment for me. Goosebumps all over! After only 2 days of thinking about getting the cheapest airfare, hotel and tour, we suddenly got invited to one of Palawan’s most prestigious resorts w/o paying for anything? OMG! I immediately said yes and asked Frank about our preferred date of visit!


Remember the photos I visualized before?


from this…



to this!! =)



here’s another one..






from a dream….






i was the happiest girl that time!



i can’t believe it became real



See how effective it is to feel and believe! Amazing right?


After that unforgettable Apulit Island Palawan trip, we never stopped traveling =)



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