Discover the Magnificence and Splendor of Apulit Island Resort in Palawan!


When in Manila and afflicted with a deep sense of wanderlust, the Apulit Island Resort in Palawan is the perfect place to cure your ailment!  I realized that it would be a shame for us Filipinos not to  enjoy and witness the paradise that lies in our very shores that is why we’ve decided to feature and suggest more local travel destinations which I’m sure you won’t wanna miss in this precious lifetime!

For a few minutes, we’d like for you to leave those worries behind and get away from it all……

It’s time to reward yourself my friend…..    we know you deserve it!

let’s take you to a place …. a place I’m sure you’d wanna go to




time for you to discover the beauty of the Pearl of the Orient and experience what you  have been missing all this time




come on my friend… time to indulge and spoil yourself




and rekindle that flame once again





time to give-in my friend….  nature  is calling  you….





it’s time





take what is rightfully yours!





relax…. cool down a bit… have this refreshing tropical drink




sit back, relax… everything  will be taken  care off





get ready for a tropical contact high!






Experience the grandeur of APULIT Island Resort, brought to us by El Nido Resorts!




experience the comfort and lavishness of their water cottages




firmly standing ashore to  keep you in touch with nature




feel the security and comfort





experience exceptional hospitality





be mesmerized with this picturesque view right from your cottage veranda





enjoy the peace and serenity as the gentle breeze enfolds you





and witness romantic sunsets like no other






Brace yourself for a gastronomical treat with only the freshest and best……




 starting your day has never been this grand




 feast as you please, drool as you can





 with treats that will surely tickle your palettes

choose from a vast array of healthy mouthwatering dishes

experience a special romantic dinner with this spectacular view

create lasting moments to be cherished forever

and as we call it a night, allow them to wish you the sweetest of dreams


This is just the start my friend…. only the start

 get ready for more!!

Let’s get in on!! Let the good times roll!




don’t forget to greet our ocean friends…. dip-into its cool waters teeming with marine life




get on with your gear and let’s sail away…



…. to a place so pristine and simply perfect!




allow mother earth pamper you.. soothe you




let nature comfort and give you shade… as the sun  gently kisses you with its rays




row carefree and blissfully on its breathtaking shores




let’s dream some more and build sandcastles in the shifting sands




peacefully, as we watch the world go by, may we always find goodness from where we stand





This calls for a celebration my friend! For the abundant now and what’s about to come!


take a sip and try their signature Apulit Breeze




the perfect concoction for moonlit nights and dreamy eyes such as this






Nature and Elegance intertwined….


only in  Apulit Island of El Nido Resorts you will find!





What are you waiting for my friend? It’s time! Time to live some more!




With Apulit Island‘s magnificence  and splendor, I’m sure you’ll be coming back for more!






So when in Manila, we would have to say, Apulit Island Resort is the ultimate place where you should stay!





Truly More Fun In The Philippines !!





Apulit Island Resort

Taytay, Palawan

Manila Sales Office
Mondays thru Fridays, 8:30AM to 5:30 PM (Manila Time)
Address: 18/F 8747 Paseo de Roxas Street, Salcedo Village, 1226 Makati City Philippines
Phone No: + 63 2 9025994
Fax No: +63 (2) 810 3620
General Inquiries  Hotline: +63 2 9025962
Travel Agents Hotline: +63 2 9025951





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Discover the Magnificence and Splendor of Apulit Island Resort in Palawan!

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