VIRAL: Netizens Outraged over Photos of People Allegedly Firing Guns on New Year’s Eve

Netizens are outraged over photos of people indiscriminately firing guns as their way of welcoming the New Year.

firing guns on nye-horz

These were screenshots from the video shared by the netizens. Apparently, these men were allegedly seen firing guns during New Year.

fire guns

This was a screenshot from the video shared by Pinoy Pride. This youngster fired twice before handing it to the guy in the picture below.


This guy fired three times. In the video, it sounded like a guy was teaching them how to fire a gun. (Not only is it not a handgun, but it looks like a semi-automatic)

In addition, another photo caught everyone’s attention when a woman allegedly used a gun in welcoming the year 2016.

person firing gun nye

Screenshot from Don Pacundo’s Facebook page.

firing guns 2

Although, the lady in the picture above was claiming she was only using blank bullets, Netizens were still appalled by her illegal act.

screenshot 1

fire guns

Several weeks before the New Year’s Eve countdown, the Philippine National Police, together with the Department of Health and Manila Local Government officials launched Iwas Paputok campaign to promote a safe and healthier New Year. Unfortunately, despite warnings and awareness, people are still clearly doing the illegal act.

Furthermore, as of 6 AM, January 2, 2016, the total number of firecracker incidents is 361. This includes 36 people injured due to stray bullets and one casualty due to the man drunk who hugged and lit the illegal firecracker, “Goodbye Philippines.”

In a “Job Well Done” letter to the Philippine National Police,” the total number of firecracker incidents is 57% lower than the 5-year average and 53% lower than the recorded cases in 2015. 

Unfortunately, with these alleged photos of people firing guns spreading like rapid fire online, it looks like PNP should update the statistics in terms of the total count of TOTAL NUMBER OF ARRESTED PERSONS DUE TO ILLEGAL DISCHARGE OF FIREARMS

fire guns 3

Screenshot from the website

PLEASE and ALWAYS remember, what goes up, must come down. So, whether the gun had blanks or not, NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO USE GUNS IRRESPONSIBLY.

What would you do if you saw someone indiscriminately firing guns? Share your thoughts below.

Disclaimer: We are posting the screenshots, as well as, the total number of firecracker incidents in the interest of public service.

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