Drunk man was reportedly killed by a bomb-like firecracker called “Goodbye Philippines”

The Department of Health and Manila Local Government officials launched the Iwas paputok campaign in Tondo, Manila last December 15, 2015. This was part of their  initiative to encourage the residents (in fact, everyone) to refrain from using firecrackers for a safer and healthier New Year.

iwas paputok in manila

Unfortunately, despite the government’s effort, many still ignored the initiative. As such, a man was reportedly killed by an illegal firecracker called, “Goodbye Philippines.” 

Goodbye Philippines

Apparently, these off-the-wall product names are being used by manufacturers to entice consumers to try them.

As stated in the news reports of DZMM and Inquirer.net, the man was identified as Ronald Vericio, 45 years old, and lives at Buenos Aires Street in Sta. Mesa, Manila. In addition, witnesses, as well as, his live-in partner, Kristina Serrano, described Vericio “drunk” when he “lit and hugged” the bomb-like  (as described by PNP) firecracker around 12:10 AM.

The victim was first taken to Ospital ng Sampaloc and later transferred to Ospital ng Maynila, where he was pronounced dead at 1:45 AM.

Additionally, the victim’s motive on why he allegedly hugged the firecracker remains a mystery.

Meanwhile, another victim of “Goodbye Philippines” was reported by DZMM news. As per the news report, the victim’s name is Jerry Flores. He was brought to Jose Reyes Memorial Medical Center after the firecracker blew up on him. He thought the firecracker was already stale, so the victim stepped on it but it blew up anyway.

Sadly, his left leg will be amputated, as per his doctor.

Coincidentally, the incident happened in Tondo Manila, where the campaign of Iwas Paputok was launched.

Truly, this is sad news for everyone. However, this could be easily prevented by following the government’s campaign and not patronizing these illegal firecrackers.

Hopefully, this will serve as a lesson and let’s aim for a more peaceful celebration next year.

How did you celebrate the New Year? Did you use firecrackers or just watched the fireworks display? 


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