Viral Dog Who Couldn’t Leave His Human’s Side Passed Away After a Hit-and-Run

Buboy, a stray dog who went viral due to his loyalty towards the person who looked after him, died after a hit and run. Buboy recently stole the hearts of people when a Facebook post went viral showing the dog waiting for days outside his human friend’s office after this person had passed away.

Buboy’s buddy was Professor Carmelito Marcelo, a teacher in a college in Pampanga. Marcelo passed away due to a heart attack.

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In a post written by the Animal Kingdom Foundation, they wrote: “AKF mourns the tragic, untimely passing of the loyal Askal, Buboy. Initial reports say that the dog was run over by a vehicle this morning. Volunteer caregivers, albeit a holiday, rushed over to the campus to check and found Buboy already lifeless. This mind-numbing incident, a tragic end to Buboy’s story, mirrors how we neglect the loyal and loving askals — exposing them to dangers even when we have the chance to take care of them. They deserve better — loving families and secured homes. When animal-loving people want to bring home a dog, we allow them. When abandoned dogs have that chance to be in a loving and secured home, we also have to give them that. They just simply deserve better.”

And added, “Run free #Buboy. Gone too soon. ? Every animal-loving Filipino mourns today.

We strongly urge all motorists to hit the #BrakeForAnimals ⛔️”

Buboy was said to be following a guard “who just finished his shift” and was run over by a jeepney when he reached the highway. An investigation is on-going as it has been reported that Buboy doesn’t usually go that far.

Rest in peace, Buboy. 🙁