#VikingsFoodFest: A Monthly Giveaway For Foodies!

One of the most celebrated buffet places in Manila, Vikings Luxury Buffet has already made a name of its own by continuously serving quality dishes at an affordable price. They have opened several branches in the country, even going as far as Davao, and plan to expand some more in the future.

Vikings Food Fest - SM North EDSA - Mark Capiral (10)

What people have always loved about Vikings is their wide array of dishes and their efforts to share the taste of good food with everyone. From main courses to desserts, they provide countless options that will not just satisfy your hunger, but will also let you dive into another’s culture through their selection of international cuisine.

Vikings Food Fest - SM North EDSA - Mark Capiral (11)

As a way of saying thank you to their avid customers and a chance to challenge themselves a little bit more, they have launched a monthly Vikings Food Fest, where they give away themed dishes for the first 100 customers – all free of charge. You read that right: FREE!

They started the festival last January, where they served and gave away steak. For February, they whipped up delicious meals inspired by YOGURT, with the chefs going out of their way to create delectable dishes for their loyal fans. This is a monthly competition for chefs, and also happens to be a great way to exercise their creativity when it comes to creating new food items for their menu.

Vikings Food Fest - SM North EDSA - Mark Capiral (5)

We dropped by SM North EDSA to experience their delicious Strawberry Choco Yogurt Cake. A gourmet recipe created by their pastry team, this dessert is reminiscent to chocolate mousse, but with a more jelly-like texture and a dash of yogurt cream on the side.

Garnished with a dash of crushed nuts and slices of strawberry and ripe mango, the sourness and sweetness of both the fruits and the yogurt combine perfectly, creating a dessert like no other. They prepared 100 servings for the first 100 guests to arrive and present their Instagram entries.

Vikings Food Fest - SM North EDSA - Mark Capiral (3)

People patiently waiting for their turn

Vikings Food Fest - SM North EDSA - Mark Capiral (6)

Vikings Food Fest - SM North EDSA - Mark Capiral (4)

Happy customers!

Want a free meal yourself? Watch out for Vikings Luxury Buffet’s announcements for the next schedule of the Food Fest!

Vikings Food Fest - SM North EDSA - Mark Capiral (1)


3rd Floor, The Block, SM North EDSA, Quezon City

Contact Number: 376-3888; 376-4888

Website: http://vikings.ph/

Faecebook: http://www.facebook.com/VIKINGSSMNORTH

Instagram: @vikingsluxurybuffet


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