VIDEO: This Will Make You Wear Your Seatbelt Pronto!

If counting uneducated drivers on the road would make me rich, I swear I’d be richer than Mark Zuckerberg. Most of the drivers we see on the road either have no road courtesy or zero knowledge about it. Sadly, even the most basic rule of wearing a seatbelt is sometimes taken for granted.

The Philippines has low road courtesy rating, and that includes the knowledge of wearing seatbelts. Although most drivers nowadays wear it- thanks to RA 8750, also known as, the seat belts use act 1999, a few still don’t listen and obey. However, this conundrum doesn’t only happen in the Philippines. In fact, a compilation of these seatbelt-related accidents has been compiled into a video by TNT Channel on YouTube.

The scenes were clips from different countries and dash cams. You will see in the video uploaded and shared by Kris Bayne how a passenger or a driver can be thrown out of a windshield like they were a piece of paper.

ALWAYS wear a seatbelt and buckle up. Otherwise, this is what’s going to happen to you.

Please learn from other’s mistakes instead of experiencing this for yourself.

Please watch it with caution. Some scenes may appear brutal and need strict parental guidance.

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