Video: Molten copper vs Big Mac! Which is stronger?

Has McDonald’s created an indestructible burger?

A youtube video of a man pouring hot, molten copper on a Big Mac and the burger failing to disintegrate or even flame up has been making rounds on the internet, leaving many netizens wondering how the fastfood’s signature burger defies the most common scientific outcome.

If you haven’t seen the video yet, check it out below:

So, what do you think: Could McDonald’s have some crazy secret ingredient that makes their burgers impervious to destruction other than being munched down on?

Maybe not. This could just have been the work of a scientific phenomenon known as “Leidenfrost effect”:

In the Leidenfrost effect, a liquid in proximity to a surface much hotter than the liquid’s boiling point will produce a layer of vapor that insulates the liquid and physically separates it from the surface.

In short, the burger’s top layer (which has moisture, by the way) turned into a hard layer after getting into contact with the copper, protecting the rest of the burger underneath. Cool right?

Interesting as it looks, please don’t get any crazy ideas – like trying this at home. Let’s just eat our burgers like normal, okay?

What else would you like this guy to burn up with his molten copper?