Victoria Panopio Jewelry: Elegant Custom Made Jewelry in Manila




When In Manila, we have long awaited the arrival of one who can properly craft a gems and stones into something truly worth admiring.


Just like a diamond is time’s definition of coal, Manila’s long wait has finally crafted us Victoria Panopio.


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Victoria Panopio, hailed as one of Mega Magazine’s “Young Women to Look Out For,” is half of the designing mind behind Panopio Jewelry, the other half being her sister – Beatrice Panopio.





This new Panopio collection was inspired from the baroque pearl, called as such because this pearl’s shape isn’t round.  It varies from pearl to pearl so much that they initially wanted to call the collection “If it’s not BAROQUE, don’t fix it.” 


_Frame up_ _It's a bug's life_


The Panopio sisters really concentrated on getting inspiration from this material for this collection.  Jewelry collections are usually based on a particular look for a collection, instead of a material.


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Panopio has a certain way about their items; the look, the feel, the style. When regular customers see a piece, they can automatically tell that Panopio designed it. 


“It’s very difficult to put into words what sets our work apart design-wise, but suffice it to say, our clients see it.”




Panopio Jewelry prides themselves in custom-made pieces, so if someone would like to get something done, just give them a text.


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When In Manila, get yourself an avant garde piece of jewelry custom made to your style, life and personality from the elegant Victoria Panopio and her Panopio Jewelry Boutique.


Their website will be up soon for more info.

An appointment for a custom piece can be booked through these two shops:


Shop #3 Basement Shopping Arcade,
The Peninsula Manila
Makati, Philippines
Book Through Michelle: 09053405207


2nd Floor Filipino Zone
Greenbelt 5
Makati, Philippines
Book through Stella:  0909263097299
or through email:



Victoria Panopio Jewelry: Elegant Custom Made Jewelry in Manila



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