Victoria Court Branches Will Close Due to COVID-19 Pandemic

Whether or not you’ve visited Victoria Court before, we’re sure you’ve heard the name of this famous motel chain before. Sadly, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, CEO Angie King has decided to close her VC branches.

Victoria Court Throne

In a video statement made to her employees, she speaks up about the hardships that the pandemic has brought about.

“We are facing unprecedented times in this world,” she says. “This COVID virus has really decimated all facets of life.

” She shares that she has tried her best to help everyone over these past few months, but she now has to make a life-changing decision with a heavy heart.

Over the next few weeks, Angie feels that the hotel and motel operations will not be able to produce the same results as how they used to. “It is time that we face the facts and be honest and try to prepare for what’s coming,” she says. Although Victoria Court has been accepting OFWs, BPOs, and maritime crew; it apparently still hasn’t been enough for the business to sustain itself and take care of everyone. “We all have to go into survival mode,” she states, saying that it is better to prepare for this now rather than ignore it.

Angie says that they will be preparing the retirement and retrenchment packages for their employees over the next few weeks, so that they can have some funds to survive over the next few months. She explains that they did not come to this decision lightly, but with great difficulty. She ends the video by letting their employees know that they value all of their hard work and their loyalty during her management.

She also advises them to look for another job for now to support their families during these tough times. “When the business does re-open again, you will be the first ones that we call back,” she promises. “Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay hopeful.”

Angie and Atticus King share the brand and remain to have separate management groups. Atticus clarifies that although Angie’s group is closing, his will not. “Instead, we opted to do a deep retrenchment to try to keep the lights on until things revert back to normal,” Atticus shares.

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